How do I start a new foreclosure?

Starting a new foreclosure can be quick and easy once you have completed your proper due diligence and exhausted your collection efforts. Contact us as soon as possible to start the initial foreclosure forms so we can file the Notice of Default when you are ready to proceed. The first stage of the foreclosure filing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1Send us the Deed of Trust, Note, and any Assignments of Deed of Trust. We will prepare and send you the forms to start the foreclosure:

  • Substitution of Trustee

  • Declaration of Default

  • Declaration of Compliance with Civil Code SS2923.5 (b)

  • Estimated billing statement

Step 2: Sign the Substitution of Trustee in front of a notary and return the original notarized Substitution of Trustee. The Substitution of Trustee form can be prepared for you any time before you are ready to proceed. We highly recommend that you request this form now, even if you are not ready to start the Notice of Default. The Substitution will need to be signed in front of a notary and the original will need to be returned to our office for recording in the Office of the County Recorder. The other documents to start the foreclosure proceeding can be sent by email. Return all documents with payment of costs and fees for the Notice of Default phase of foreclosure as estimated on the billing statement. Credit Card payments are accepted.

Step 3: We will prepare and record the Notice of Default, process the foreclosure and update you on any requests fore reinstatement, requests for Demand for Payoff or payment plan inquiries from the Borrowers. After three months you can proceed to the posting and publication phase when sale date is set.

The next stage for the foreclosure will be the Notice of Sale followed by the Trustee’s Sale and public auction.